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We should
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And the TRUTH IS

Veterans with PTSD are able to find some relief by using Medical Marijuana to control both their physical and mental pain and suffering. America will begin allowing veterans and medical professionals to share the truth, in the near future.

Veterans with PTSD

Are people that have given a part of themselves for their nation. These men and women deserve the best, quality medical treatment that our nation has to offer them. As it turns out, PTSD may be effectively treated by an unprocessed herb, Cannabis or Marijuana, that happens to be surrounded by recent taboos. This herb has been used by our race since ancient times throughout the world. Only in recent times has the use of Medical Marijuana become a topic for law makers.

Welcome Home Brothers

The Following Exerts are from a White House Press Release sent out this Month

"May 10 marks the 30th anniversary of federal hypocrisy and dishonesty about medical marijuana," Kampia said. "When future historians see how much effort our government made to avoid learning that marijuana is a safe and effective medicine, they'll shake their heads in disbelief."

"Most Americans would be shocked to know that the federal government supplies medical marijuana to patients while claiming that marijuana is a harmful drug with no medical value," said Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, D.C. "If federal officials believe their own statements, they're knowingly poisoning four innocent people, but in fact they know better. The four remaining patients in the federal program have benefited from their medical marijuana use, groups like the American College of Physicians and the American Public Health Association have said that marijuana is a safe and effective medicine and, as a result, we must change the federal laws that prohibit medical marijuana."